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One of the Damages to Occur on the Power Supply

Posted on February 18, 2017  in Main Category

Problems with hardware components need serious treatment because it is difficult to locate and removed without the proper tools, expertise and experience that support. One of the hard ware that can be damaged is the power supply. If that happens, it is better to call professionals to provide services to fix the damages like the Computer Services Auckland.

One of the symptoms to know if the power supply is damages is that the computer does not react to anything when turned on; there is no display on the monitor, there is no light indicator (LED) is lit, the power supply fan is not spinning, and the indicator light does not turn on the monitor.

A solution for this problem is to check whether the cable is properly connected and installed the plug into the socket, check also there is the on / off behind exactly behind the Power Supply is in the On position, If you are sure it locks into place, but still there is no response to assure please replace power cable with which you believe is good. The problem occurs because of the lack of incoming voltage, damage to the power cable.

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