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City of Venice Facts

Posted on February 17, 2017  in Main Category

Venice or Venezia is a beautiful city of Italy’s most famous in the world. The town is known as the Queen of the Adriatic have had a uniqueness that can only be rivalled by few cities in the world. Venice has more than 100 islands in the lagoon of the Adriatic Sea, is about 260 km from the eastern city of Milan. Canals, bridges and the gondola is a very prominent characteristic of Venice. The beauty of this city attracts tourists from around the world. Here are some facts about the capital of the Veneto region that might want to know, as quoted from www.placesyoullsee.com/things-to-do-in-venice-what-to-see-and-eat-and-where-to-stay/.

1. Venice plays an important role in the development of operatic and symphonic music.

2. Venice is the birthplace of Antonio Vivaldi, one of the greatest Italian composers.

3. Some historians believe that the earliest inhabitants of Venice come from Roman cities near Venice, such as Altino, Aquileia, Concordia, Padua, Treviso, and several other places.

4. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Venice is a major trade centre as well as a European city that is very rich.

5. Thousands of people come every day to visit Venice. Tourism has become a major sector of the economy of this city since the 18th century.

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