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Review on Mirrorless Camera: Lytro immerge

Posted on February 19, 2017  in Main Category

A camera 360 degrees or virtual reality camera is quite expensive, especially if these devices are marketed for targeting professionals. Now, to help you get more knowledge about this kind of camera below is a brief review of Lytro immerge. To find more reviews on technology products, you can go to bestpedia.co.

Lytro itself is an American company that works in the field of light field photography; it has launched a camera with such capabilities in 2012 ago. Combine the same ability, light field photography, Lytro now joins the market of the virtual reality cameras through the release of the immerge camera. Interestingly, immerge Lytro camera has a different way than other brands of artificial VR camera, seen from its ability to record images 360 directly without relying on how stitching.

Lytro immerge has a unique shape through a series of rings that resemble hundreds of image sensors. By doing so, the camera’s virtual reality can collect image data that very much, makes Lytro help provide an additional portable server for storing video with up to 1 hour.

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