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Legends of Venice

Posted on February 15, 2017  in Main Category

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Venice is famous as a romantic city, what makes it that way? Some of the sites below may answer your question:

– Piazza San Marco, also called St. Mark’s Square, is a famous park in Venice. This place was built in the 9th century. There is a small canal near this place, the name Rio Batario. Piazza San Marco can be termed as the most famous place in Venice. The place is always packed with tourists and local people. Besides fulfilled by man, this place is also filled with pigeons.

– Bridge of Sighs, this bridge was built in the early 17th century by Antonio Contino. The bridge connects the two parts of the prison in this city. This bridge is called ‘sigh’ because the criminal is brought past the Bridge of Sighs would sigh as they look at the last sights of the city of Venice is beautiful before they are taken to their detention room or executed. Local legend says, if there is a pair of lovers who are in the boat past the bottom of this bridge at dusk and then they kissed, then their love will be eternal.

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